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Danita Lynne is an educator and sign language interpreter who is passionate about language and equal access to language for all. She is Founder and CEO of English and Sign Language Masters, LLC (ESLM) where her award-winning service as an advocate, instructor, and an interpreter bridge the language gap between individuals who are hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing, especially where both groups share educational, professional, or even familial environments. Additionally, under ESLM’s umbrella of services, Danita works with public figures and authors as an editor and proofreader for print and electronic media projects, a natural transition she made after teaching high school and college English composition for more than ten years.


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While it may be impossible to avoid experiences that hurt, disappoint, or even violate you, it is possible to overcome the effects of these experiences. In fact, in order to live a full life in every way, it’s not only possible, it’s necessary. The Other Side of Unforgiveness shares one of the deepest emotional hurts that author, Danita Lynne, has ever experienced and uses it as a teaching tool for anyone to apply and overcome their own personal hurts. The book discusses common obstacles people face when working to forgive themselves and others, gives practical steps to get past each obstacle, shows how unforgiveness negatively impacts our lives, and addresses the power struggle of the forgiver/forgiven. Her story of healing and resilience shows how the work of forgiveness may be difficult, but it can be simplified with a firm decision and a clear vision.

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"Based on Danita Lynne's personal experiences, The Other Side of Unforgiveness is an insightful and compelling read. There are many truths to the principles in her story, and I found myself relating to some of the reasons why forgiveness has not been an option."




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